Power Automate to update master Excel

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Hi All,


I have a master spreadsheet with columns A-V all manually populated. However there are issues with populating the data to go into columns W,X,Y currently, therefore I want to automate the process.


Currently people send a file to an admin team to update the master doc (located in sharepoint), however I think it should be possible to automate this, by picking up the emailed workbook and taking the relevant data to update the master.


I know I will have to create a new unique field in order to make this work, but firstly:

Can I do this?

Is power automate the best way?


Example of my master sheet:



Then my input sheets would look something like:


But there would be LOTS of these, several submitted each month by several members of staff, hence why i am suggesting picking these up from an email (I'm assuming I would need to create an email template with fixed text so power automate could pick up - or could it do it from the attachment name?


Thanks in advance


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