Possible portable image links.

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Good morning.


I would greatly be appreciative of anyone who would have a potential answer to my problem.


I’m in the process of making a huge database and need to have access to photos. We are trying to avoid the risk of hyperlinks being broken with image locations changing.


Is it possible to have image files saved in excel so they cannot be lost and hidden behind a cell? Looking to click the cell with the name and it opens up an individual image without having the image in the cell visible.


my previous attempts led me with hyperlinks and just opening up a different sheet, but as a huge data base I’m worried this will get messy very quick. Potentially looking at having it as a drop down option but that may be a huge formatting headache.


Any ideas greatly appreciated, I’ve been working on it via Mac, Thanks! 

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Do the files move without you knowing it? Or do you just need a quick way to update the hyperlinks when (for example) the drive letter or a folder name changes? In any case, try using the HYPERLINK function with the path and name of the file as text in an adjacent cell:

Have you tried LinkFixer Advanced?
Our company is looking at trying this for broken links.

@Jan Karel Pieterse Thanks for your reply. I am trying to avoid a separation of data.


Where I could have the database on an excel file, click the link in the cell and get directed to the image of the document within excel, then being able to send the same excel file and e.g. put on a USB or email to someone else and they will have the same data. 


Trying to avoid having it link to an online site and then one day; the link breaks, lost forever, and useless to the viewer, as well as having the link open a file on my computer, but then once on another device, not working as the shortcut was to a folder on my computer that they do not have. 


Microsoft Access does a similar job however is a PC-only program, looking for versatility. 




I will look into this thank you for suggesting it.
More trying to have the data stored within excel and being able to avoid the issue altogether.
We may have to be an investment in a museum-grade database system.