Populating data from a row/date into a form

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I'm not very knowledgeable about Excel, so please bear with me. 

The company I work for are looking to replace the job sheet system we have in place with a Power Apps application I'm developing that writes the data for each jobsheet directly to an excel document stored on Google Drive. 

This wouldn't be a problem if we just needed the raw data but ideally we need this data formatted into a form that we can give to the client(s) and for filing purposes also. 

Seeing as (as far as I'm aware) power apps can't write to a form format and just a table, is there any way I can create a separate sheet with the blank form, and input the data from a row on there using filters?

E.G- I want the jobsheet for John Smith from 12/04/2021, so I can input the date into the date filter, then choose John Smith from the jobsheets that were uploaded on that day, and the rest of the data can fill itself from the data that John Smith uploaded on that day.

I'm sure I've seen a similar concept executed before- or is this out of the scope of what Excel is able to do?

Any advice is appreciated.
Many thanks


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