populate values on 1 sheet using only column headers from another

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Hi, I feel as though this might be a simple answer but alas I'm seeking help.

I have 'transportation' sheet in my workbook that has data updated daily.  I also have my 'Monitoring' tab that uses the data from 'transportation' but also includes some calculated columns. Is there a formula to use that will automatically update my 'Monitoring' tab with the new data from transportation? There is no ID to match on because it's all transportation data. The only thing I can think of is using the column headers.


Attached workbook as example


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Tell us on the transportation tab, what are you looking for that you are looking for to prompt you to do something about it.

I'm looking to populate all the data from the transportation tab onto the 'monitoring' tab without having to manually copy and paste each time
Why does your Transportation sheet not have the "ETA Hours2Deliver" Field? How are you going to know if it will be on time or late based on the Pick-up appointment compared to the "ETA Hours2Deliver"?
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Attached is an update to your Transportation Example workbook.
the only thing you need to do to update your MonitorPage, is to go to the MonitorUpdatePage to drag the table range down to update the MonitorPage of the formulas to bring the values into your MonitorPage.