Populate Cells from another sheet based on dropdown selection

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Hi All 


Thanks for taking the time to read this, unfortunately I'm unable to achieve what i would like so hopefully someone can help. I would like to populate two different cells from whichever dropdown option I select based on data from another sheet. I can't figure out how to link the cells to the dropdown option, and correlate that to the data.  See below, when I select a dropdown option (C15) I would like it to fill the cells RX Freq (F15) & TX Freq (I15) dependant on the channel I select. 


I have linked the channel cell to my sheet with the data and now have the options in dropdown form. The top image is from one sheet, the values are in another called 'data'.




Any help much appreciated.

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You should be able to achieve the desired results using one of the Data validation features (under the Data menu) for the dropdown list, and formulas using XLOOKUP for the lookup and retrieval of data.  See the attached workbook, especially the _Info worksheet.