Plotting 2 sets of data with the same horizontal axis value but different vertical axis values

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Ok, so I'm a beginner excel user and I'm wondering if anyone can help me.


I'm trying to create a chart that will show data from 2016 and 2017 for two different locations.


I want to end up with just 2 horizontal axis points with each axis point having 2 columns. I want one of the horizontal axis points to be 2016. I want the 2016 axis point to have 2 columns, one for NY and one for LA. Then I want the same thing for 2017.  However, I keep getting 4 different columns. 1 column is for NY 2016, 1 column for LA 2016, another column for NY 2017 and another column for LA 2017.


Is there a way to have just 2 horizontal axis points (2016 and 2017) with 2 columns for each point?



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