Plot a graph with grand total data from pivot table

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How can I make a graph showing total attendance (grand total) data from a pivot table, so I can show how total attendance changes over time?


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I can only guess: Remove the Date field from the columns area.


Hi Detlef

Thank you. Perhaps I am missing something, but if I want to plot x axis dates, and y axis total number of attendees, wouldn't I need the dates in the pivot table?



maybe I got it wrong. It's difficult understand from a photo.

Please provide a sample workbook.


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Hi Detlef


I have found a fix to the issue. If you insert pivot table chart it wont let you select total rows.

But if you go to insert tab, and insert only 'normal' chart, you can modify your data to be the rows you want, e.g. dates and count of students as I wanted.

So the answer is, don't bother with a pivot chart. Although I am not sure what the difference is between the two types of chart. 

@Dave Belcher 


Hello Dave,

I am new to Excel and I am learning pivot tables for the first time! I google searched how to create a pie chart from my grand total in a pivot table out of curiosity and I got even more confused about what to do. Maybe Excel has changed since this post was active but I couldn't figure it out.

Eventually, I realized that I could just copy the grand total row and then just paste it below the pivot table and create a pie chart out of that! So if anyone is looking for this solution then I hope this helps!