Please stop Disclaimer in Excel about Financial market information when using Stocks

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I'm using Excel 365 and using the Stocks feature to get stock prices.  Every time I open a workbook that has a Stocks cell in it I get a Disclamer at the top that says: Financial market information is provided as-is and not for... This is highly annoying since I have to close it every time I open the file. Could you please make it disappear after let say 5 seconds or record the acknowledgment in the Excel file itself so that it doesn't show up all the time. Thanks !

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I concur - I access my stock tracking + retirement portfolio tracker spreadsheet several times a day and would like to see this disclaimer removed.
If there is a legal reason it is required, let's get that resolved. It's a waste of space and time.

I totally agree with others on this request inc. @joedimagio - please provide either an explicit option to permanently dismiss this disclaimer, or provide instructions on how to remove it (because it still appears, even if you REMOVE ALL REFERENCES TO THE DATA TYPE IN YOUR WORKBOOK!?).