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I urgently need some help with Excel, because I´m totally new in all of this and for these two problems that I have I simply can´t find an adequate answer online.

I need to make a simple table with three columns, in which the first column will contain the names of train stops, the second one time of arrival and the third one should contain departure time. The departure time needs to be arrival time plus three minutes, so when I input the arrival time in the second column it automatically inputs the departure time in the third column (arrival time + 3 minutes).

My question is how can I input number in just the time format in the second column? It always ends up with the date.

Second question - what would the formula be with the constant of three minutes and how can I make the formula so that I don´t have any restrictions when it comes to the number of train stations?

Thank you in advance!

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@BBojana Best to use a structured Excel table. It will automatically expand as you add more stops. Format the Time columns with a custom format hh:mm


The attached file contains such a table. The formula in the Departure column takes the time from the Arrival column (if it is not blank) and add 3/1440 to it. Note that Excel calculates with parts of a 24 hour day. Thus, 3 minutes = 3/1440 of one day.


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