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Dear saviors, 


I am trying to count the an email that is in a column of one google sheet, and see if it matches another email in another column of another spreadsheet. I've tried so many formulas I just can't get it right so it's like this: 


I have a spreadsheet with many columns, then in column C is the emails. This is in a completely different google sheet file. What I want to is to count the matching emails from this column to another column of another different google sheet, and that the emails that matches should turn out as named: "Applied" or just 1 or TRUE or whatever, and this result will show in another column of the same first spreadsheet. 


Please help.

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Any help so far? Please let me know if you needed the visuals, huhu

@elevenwinds11 Most likely, the lack of response is due to the fact that the question relates to Google Sheets. This forum deals with MS Excel.