Please help: how to select multiple filter criteria in the filter drop-down list (not select all)?

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As the title, I have the very long list of filter criteria (in one column only), can anyone please help me how to select multiple filter criteria (not select all)? Please see the below screenshot of filter list in my worksheet. 



Many thanks.





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Hey @Khanh_Mai,


You can filter by any of the criteria by checking the box next to the items you want:


Screenshot (8).png


You can also use the search box to make filtering easier. For example, if I wanted to filter numbers on my list starting with 013, I can enter that into the search box and check the box to add those items to my filter.


Screenshot (9).png


I hope this answers your question!


Are you trying to apply an easier filtering method for future searches? I recommend creating a helper column next to the data

Hello all,
Many thanks for your advise. I also tried already. Just make sure that there is anyway to select multiples item like "SHIFT" + Left Button.
Thank you!




if you have long list and you don't want to scroll all  ,, then do one thing is search area search your requirement and then every time select add current selection option.