PLEASE HELP - Excel Horizontal Scroll Not Working

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Hello all:


I have an excel workbook that is many columns wide. I am on a Macbook Pro, Office 365.


Scroll lock is *not* on, please do not suggest I turn it off.


I can scroll in other workbooks.


On this workbook, if I am selecting cells and trying to scroll horizontally, it won't continue the horizontal scroll beyond what is visual on screen. I am extremely annoyed, please help.




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Try any/all of the following:

  • remove filters
  • unfreeze panes
  • Change from Normal view to Page Break Preview then back to Normal
  • Close/Re-open the application



Thanks for your help.


Didn't have any filters to remove or panes to unfreeze, and I'd already closed and opened the app.




For whatever reason - is there a reason or is this just a glitch in the matrix? - your suggestion to move from normal to page break to normal worked - THANK YOU.




It happens every now and then.  When it happens, "refresh" the view any way you can.

I am facing the same issue on a windows PC. No scroll lock and refreshing views do not seem to be fixing it either. Please help.

Hi @carlj2265 

Hello all,


I have this same problem too, and already searching for a very long time for a solution!! In all forums/Uservoices/TechCommunities i read, i see that MS does not come out with a(ny) feasable solution (or comment).


The big issue is: this worked very good (and so simple) in former Windows versions (just using Shift or Ctrl-Shift + scroll with a normal mouse up or down, couldn't be more simple, that was the perfect solution). 


I also (specially for this issue!) bought the Microsoft Arc mouse, but same issue, no horizontal scrolling in Excel, even with their own special horizontal scrolling mouse... mind-boggling... 


What is also very troubling (and mind-boggling) is that for some people the Shift (or Shift-Control) works with Horizontal scrolling in Excel with a regular mouse, and for others this is not possible... completely not logical ! And another thing is: on Mac completely no issue with horizontal scrolling with Apple mouse !!!! Try to get some logic in that.... MS-logic?.... I don't get it... And especially since so many people already wrote about this on all kinds of forums & communities....


I also found info here, but still no solution...


Is there somewhere any sensible solution or explanation why this is not working, and when is MS going to do something about this (since this worked before) ??!


Best regards, 



@Yannic_BelgiumI right-clicked on the scroll bar and clicked on "Scroll Right" and seemed to get more space to scroll back and forth.


Really more of a workaround than a solution but maybe you could try it and see if it works for you.



I had the same issue with my Microsoft ergonomic mouse, but was able to side scroll once I downloaded the support software (Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center in my case) Hope this helps.


As long as this topic old enough and no one answered correct or useful, problem still alive.

Because of its name (excel ~ spread sheets), cells may continue to horiz. or vert. ways and its so difficult to scroll long way with scrollbar, so when you need to reach last active column drage the scrollbar and hit opposite direction way and its shows last or first column then seek one by one column in that area to work with cells.

cheers dude

(windows on PC) 

I may have stumbled on a workaround for this scrolling bug that has also hunted me for a very long time. This involves opening a second Excel application instance.

For example, open first Excel worksheet. Setup freeze panes in it. At this time you can't scroll in either directions.

Open a second Excel application instance with a worksheet that has no freeze set. I am able to use my mouse to scroll in both directions.

Now I just move the mouse over to the first Excel worksheet, and I can scroll in it in both directions which how a freeze pane supposed to behavior.

Sometimes I have to re-establish the scroll ability in the second worksheet.

@Patrick2788 , unfreezing panes re-enabled scrolling. I could then refreeze frames and continue scrolling.

Using Excel Version 16.73 on Mac.





Just seeing the alternate method you posted (CTRL+SHIFT+MOUSE wheel) worked for me.  Everywhere else said to use only SHIFT+MOUSE wheel. The latter failed for me, so when I found your post, I added the CTRL key and it work beautifully! Thank you!!

I *think* this has to do with the Freeze Pane function. I have noticed that on sheets (within the same workbook) that have only rows as 'frozen' panes, I can side scroll. on sheets where I have both rows and columns frozen, there is no side scrolling.

It's also worth noting that prior to having this side scrolling issue, I would often have visual glitches when side scrolling (say, if I had columns A-D frozen, when I scrolled back to the start, I might see columns A-D, and then it would start as A again, or when scrolling, my screen would randomly contain chunks of black).


But I want my frozen columns, so that's a pain.


Yep, agreed. a realized maybe freezing two way make this problem.  @Eggr365 

For me I needed to move the window 1mm left, away from the edge of the screen. I think with freeze panes on Excel didn't always recognize my mouse/cursor had moved beyond the rightmost cell and so was sticking there rather than moving/selecting to the right.


had the same exact issues.

i tried everything but could not get it to work.

then i unfroze top row and it works well!! i can scroll vertically

when i froze top row again it still works well.

problem solved.

As others have indicated, this is probably due to Freeze Column. Check to ensure you didn't get a middle column frozen when you clicked "Freeze left column". That's what happened to me. Unfreezing the column solved the issue.