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Hello everyone.

Who can help me to make in PivotTable report by filtering the values in the columns by color?


I need to highlight in the PivotTable the sum of the indicators separately yellow, blue, green.

In order to do this, I created a separate column for each color.

Maybe is it possible to do this without creating separate columns, but by filtering everything in one?

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First, I have to ask if it's possible for you to share the original spreadsheet, not just an image. You can post a copy of it on one of the cloud services (OneDrive, GoogleDrive, etc) and placing a link to that file here in this forum.


Second, please answer the following questions:

  1. How are the colors getting there in the first place? Are you using Conditional Formatting--in which case the conditions themselves could be used for the filtering you're desiring. If you're applying the colors manually, then we'll need to come up with another way (probably a separate column with words like "Yellow," "Blue," "Green")
  2. Which numbers are you wanting to sum? The numbers IN those color cells, or the numbers in the sixth column of your picture?


There may be more questions, but let's start by seeing if the file can be shared.

Hello, mathetes. Thank's a lot for your attempt to help me.

To share original spreadsheet isn't possible - this is a service document of my company, but I can share the similar copy - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-x7xyCXw78fsytrBN5l3Z7EnHb1E6LY6/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=11734...

The sheet list1 - original task.

The sheet list2 - my solusion - I made a separete column with words like yellow, blue, green.

The sheet PivotTable - the result from the sheet the list2.


On questions:

1. I didn't use Conditional Formatting, the colours got manually.

2. I want to sum number in columns "time of work" and "the real time of work" on the sheet list1 separately with words like white, yellow, blue and green with out separate column with words like yellow, blue, green.

I wasn't able to open the spreadsheet. It prompted me to request access, so I assume you will have gotten a request to grant access.
I have gotten.
I meant I have provided an access.



I will not be able to look at this until later today. So I'm posting an Excel version of your file here, hoping that some other folks might be interested in getting in on this. 


This is unchanged in any way--except for converting it from Google to Excel.

Now that I've looked at it a bit more, I have to say I'm not able to understand what I'm looking at in your data tables, and therefore can't figure out what you're trying to do with the pivot table. Not sure the colors help, either; certainly they don't without an explanation.

No, you can't base a pivot table on colors. This is what I can think of:


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