Pivots or VLookups or both

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Capture.PNGI have a file from a client.  They have asked me to see if I can automate pulling data for two different plants, and in each plant I need numbers for two different types of products... and I need the report to show one day at a time, updated daily and only 7 days (or more) in the future.  

I have an excel file that they are manually putting data into, but I dont even know if this is the best way to present the data. I have been reaching out to friends and family.. trying to bribe who ever I can to see if they can help, and so far, its beyond what anyone that I can reach knows how to do.  I have been trying to watch videos but nothing seems to be giving me the information that I want.  

Do I use Pivot tables? Do I do Vlookups? Can I use both?  How do I do this with so much filtered information.  

Below is the report they are asking me to fill.  (not sure how to get a better shot in this post).

I have the base data too.


Is there someone to help me? 

WEEK 4-861
 TOTAL      T= 181S= 557T= 506S= 338
WEEK 11-1561
 TOTALT= 885S= 719T= 149S= 668T=1013S= 301T= 647S= 739T= 508S= 251
WEEK 18-2261
 TOTALT= 621S= 746T=567S= 487T= 533S= 31T= 519S= 641T= 58S= 333
WEEK 25-2961
 TOTALT= 622S= 747T=568S= 488T= 534S= 32T= 520S= 642T= 59S= 334
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