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I am trying prepare Pivot table for the assets, but I have a real problem with the chart. in the first column I have a date and in the next I need exact data on the close price, always falling below a specific date. In the value section, however, I can't set it so that the value is always equal to the one from Power Query.
Can anyone help me how to edit this Pivot Table?
well thank you



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Since it is asking for credentials which I don't have so cannot edit the Power Query.

But make sure that the data type of the numerical columns are set to decimals before the table is loaded back to the sheet, right now they seem to be Text.


Hi there,

I solved your issue and attaching to this message.

You should pay attention to data types while transforming them.

I changed Date data and Decimal Number Types using "Using Locale".

At the end, I added one column under the name of Company using M Language Text.Insert Function. Later, I appended all three tables.

After getting output in Table Format, I made two Pivot Tables separately on one sheet, and two chart with Slicer on another sheet.

I strongly believe that it can be solution to your issue.

If you consider this solution as best one, please mention it.

Good luck.