Pivot Tables With a Slicer

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I am using Excel 2019. How do I sync a slicer from 2 different data set to work with 2 pivot tables. The filter connection is good, the relationship is good. I am not getting any error messages and my slicer only works with 1 pivot table. The slicer is "Applicant FullName" which is also a table.

Here are my screen shots:










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1) Hide Applicant FullName on many side of relationships (i.e. in App_Pref_Locations and DMAT_App). As a comment, first to after relationship was built is to hide the field on many side, that's considered as best practice.

2) In PIvotTables use Applicant FullName only from FullName table. Previous step was only to prevent unintended use of such field from fact tables.


With that slicer shall work on both PivotTables.

Thank you Sergei. I tried your response but it didn't work.


Please check attached sample file which illustrates the case.