Pivot Tables troubleshooting

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I'm putting together some charts to look at percentages of clients that report different topics by race/ethnicity. Each characteristic is in a different column, and there about 25 characteristics. 


I've built a pivot table with contract name and county as my filters, client names as my value, and race/ethnicity as my column labels. I've tried adding the characteristics as rows but the numbers I'm getting are really wonky.


If I add one row the numbers look correct, but if I add a second row the numbers change, and the second row becomes nested into the previous row characteristic. I think what is complicating it is that participants can indicate more than one characteristic, so the number should come out to more than the grand total of the client count. 


Is there a way to fix this? Or is there a better way to address this problem? Thanks in advance. 

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kindly upload sample data