Pivot Tables - Not Grouping By Month, Started July 1st

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Hi! I pull about 100+ reports of data per week and I pivot all of them. When I pivoted new data today, and pull the date to column, it will not group at all (particularly I need it by month). Even when I go in to Settings > Group, nothing is there that allows me to group by month. I pull the same data every day, so there is no way there is any date that is a different value or format. The same data I pulled last Friday works and it groups by month. It looks like it's could be a new update problem. My coworkers are having the same issue. Anyone else?

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@AllyHoff11Mine is doing this, too.

Same here. I have a suite of pivot table reports that I can no longer group by Month or Year. I tried rebuilding some of the pivot tables from scratch but got exactly the same issues. All started after the latest Microsoft update, July ‘24.