Pivot Tables Field List Error

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I am fairly new to excel, but I have been working on a project that requires a lot of pivot tables. I just found out a more efficient way to calculate some of my data which eliminated the need for some of the pivot tables that I made. Since I deleted those tables, excel has not allowed me to move certain fields into the buckets (is that what they're called?) or the 4 quadrants in the field list section. Is there a way to fix this?

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Your post has been up a day, been viewed by over 40 people, but with no reply (until now).... I'm suspecting it's because you just don't give enough info for anybody to do anything other than take a wild guess


Is it possible for you to post a copy of the spreadsheet? If it contains confidential info of any kind, be sure to anonymize it--change name, delete identifiers. Short of that, a mockup that replicates what you're trying to do. Not images, please: actual spreadsheets, accompanied if at all possible by a better description of the big picture--what is the business (or personal) objective or purpose of the workbook?