Pivot tables - Change Connection not refreshing.

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Hi Team,


I have a Excel file with 300+ pivot tables connected to SSAS cube.

Now I need to change those connection to POWER BI dataset.


But The connection gets stuck, showing....

1. refreshing the cube

2. wating for query execution


Finally gives error as... below. PLEASE HELP TO FIX


Screenshot 2022-01-21 022504.jpg



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Hi Microsoft Tech Support, May I get support on this ? please

@Vijay975 Hello! Just popping in to help out here. I can't answer your question, but the reason it hasn't been answered is possibly because you posted it in the Microsoft Learn community, which is specifically for questions about the Microsoft Learn platform, not product questions such as Excel.


I'm moving your post to the Microsoft Excel space - please post Excel questions there in the future.


Please note that if you want to reach Microsoft Tech Support (as per your comment), reach out to support.microsoft.com or check out Microsoft Q&A