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excuse me for my english, I'm french.

I'm using pivot table to make analyses based on data of 36 000 items.

My problem is the following : when I use a filter on the top of my pivot table, excel doesn't reduce the choices of items proposed in the table (lines or colums).

Someone has the solution ti reduce this choice?


Thank you so much for your help.



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Hi @gerse21 


instead of standard Pivot filters I propose that you use slicers:


For every field that you need to filter, you can insert a slicer. They are much more user friendly and if you have filtered one field with a slicer, the slicers for the other fields just show the relevant options.



Thank you so much !

it's exactly what I needed !


I wish you a very nice Christmas !




Hi @gerse21 


I'm glad to hear that it helped.


I wish also Merry Christmas to you!