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I have an existing pivot table of data that is in a cross tab essentially. i have some fields as columns/rows defining the data and then week ending dates of FY21 are the columns. now that the year is over i am trying to update the pivot without having to rebuild for the new week ending dates of FY22. when i change the date in the data tab. and refresh the pivot it starts referencinga different row (because over 12 months a date gets duplicated once or twice or more since I am only using the day (4, 30, etc) as the source name the date is however written out its just formatted for 4/4/2020 to say '4'.


is there any way to make the pivot table pick up the new dates other then removing the old fields from the pivot and bringing in the new ones and re formatting etc.? feel like there has to be a quicker way.


photos of the pivot and data  tabs are attached.

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