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Hello everyone!

There is a problem with pivot table function, doesnt show me correctly data from another sheet.

I have divided sheets by responsible people including tasks names, responsible name and their statuses and more additional information. I need summarize it in the another sheet with only resp.name, task name and status, but only certain statuses.

I did through special insert, pivot, but shows me incorrectly with lot of zeros or crooked...

Have any ideas?

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Is it possible to share sample file ?

@Sergei Baklan there is a sample.
In the sheet Summary have to included lines from another sheets. But for example in Summary have to be only tasks with status "done".


Thank you.


First, I'd recommend to keep data in structured tables. It's easy to add and transform data, easier to support.


In general that's task for Power Query - query each table, by another query combine them together, remove not needed columns and load back into the grid. Result is like


@Sergei Baklan Thanks!
Did some thinks how to combine 3+ sheets in one.
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do you know about how in excel online refresh data?
I did uploaded pivot table and cannot to refresh data from other sheets..


Don't know exactly and didn't check right now, but If you don't use Power Query when PivotTable based on other sheets data (not other workbooks) shall be refreshable. Power Query is not refreshable.