Pivot table will not refresh when new data is added

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Have had problems with pivot table refreshing to include new data for a few months now.  Searched all sorts of solutions online but none seemed to be able to solve the issue.  I have a attached one of the files for someone to take a look at.  May sales tab is the old pivot I created and wouldn't refresh once new data is added. Sheet 2 is the new pivot I created after new data was added.  Showing different values.  I've had the same issues with my other pivot tables as well.  Any advice on refreshing data properly would be much appreciated.  I am using Windows 10 Home.  Thank you!

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Hi @YF2021 ,


Converted it to a Pivot table in a data model:




No need for searching solutions online.

You just have two different pivot tables showing different results.

In sheet "June Sales" "Customer Type" and "Product Group" are filtered. If you remove the filter you get the same totals.