Pivot table will not refresh outside data link

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How do I find the data link, within a Pivot table, to it outside data source?

I export many pivot tables daily from our data base and one set of pivot tables no longer wishes to refresh. No error. They don’t even try to connect to web. Just a quick little “blip” and no changes. This set of about 120 Pivot tables I used a Macro on. For 4 years I’ve used the same Marco and never had a problem. There have been no system updates. The first month after these reports were created they refreshed fine, but this, the second month, they’ve stopped refreshing. Other Spreadsheets with connection to the database have no issue refreshing, it’s only this set. I’m hoping it’s the data link back to the data source and it was corrupted somehow with the macro and I can go into each spreadsheet and replace it with the correct information.

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