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I'm new in using Pivot tables, trying to add additional columns to the pivot table and view the information in the first cell of the item:

The purpose was to show Item column+Item description+Count of all Series Number+First Serial Number

Please let me know if there is any option to see it with Pivot Table or any other way?




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Hi @IlonaK2208 


you can add the item description, just pull the field in the Rows area.

Then change the layout of the pivot table in "Design | Report Layout | Show in Table Form"


But it's not possible to add only the first serial number to that, this is not how Pivot tables work.


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Hi Martin, Thank you for a solution!

When I'm converting view to a column I see duplicated rows with Grand Total under each item row, please advise how I can remove it?

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Hi @IlonaK2208,


click in the pivot table, and then open menu "Design | Subtotals | Do not Show Subtotals"


If necessary, you could do the same for the grand total line:

"Design | Grand Totals | Off for Rows and Columns"


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Great, it works, thanks!