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Hello. New to working with Pivot Tables and running into an issue when trying to add two different fields from my source data to the values section.
I am creating a report to highlight the number of projects each month that are added to and completed for my teams project queue. Both columns in the source data are dates (mm/dd/yyyy). One column is Added On and the other is Completed On. When I drag both fields into the values section of the pivot table, I set both as “count of” by month, and it returns the same value for both columns. So if I added 5 projects in March and 3 projects in April, the pivot table shows me that I completed 5 projects in March and 3 in April. If I do two separate pivot tables, I can get distinct counts for each month, but I ideally would like them in a single pivot table.

Not sure if this is relevant, but some of the fields in the Completed On column are text and marked as “Not Completed”. When I do the two separate charts I can filter off the “Not Completed” items and get a count of the projects that are complete.

Hope this question makes sense. Thanks.
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Can you upload a workbook which contains both a sample of your data and a sample of the expected output? Please make sure no sensitive data is included!
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Hi Jan. Thank you for the offer to help. I actually kept googling last night and found an answer. I needed to change the field options from Count to Count Numbers. Once I did that for both values it solved the issue.
Thanks again. I appreciate the reply.