Pivot table slicer returns inverse selection?

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Hi all: New to the community and not an Excel expert so I'm hoping someone can help. I'm using Excel 2016 in Office 365 ProPlus (v1803?). 


I created a pivot table and added 3 slicers to help users filter the data. I note that they all have a "multi-select" icon (next to the "clear filter" icon). For 2 of the 3, it works perfectly fine. 


However, for the other one (which I anticipate will be the one users would most need to use multi-select) I'm finding that when I activate that button and select multiple items from the selector, those items get deselected in the pivot table. It's almost like it's doing an inverse of what I want to select.


I did delete and rebuild the slicer (though not yet the whole thing) but that didn't help. 


Has anyone seen this and if so, do you  have any suggestions on how to fix it? This will be distributed to users who may not have the most up to date version of Office so I'm not going to try anything "fancier" like the Power Apps.


I know they could just use the filter in the pivot table column but where's the fun in that??

Thanks in advance.

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This issue was reported in 2019.  I am having the exact same issue and the original poster was very clear as to what the issue is.  Why is there no response from Microsoft on this problem?  There is no solution that I can find on the internet, yet others too have reported it.  Please respond with the cause and solution to fix it.