Pivot table showing April as Q1

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I have an Excel file with a number of different pivot tables, all split into Year/Quarter/Month.

One of those is grouping April in with Q1, instead of Q2 where it should be.

I can't see how to change that, any suggestions?




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@Waltzingmatilda Would need to have a closer look at the underlying data, as it seems that the months are shifted by one month. Where does January show up?


Thanks for taking a look. There isn't any data in January, but if I put a test row in with Jan 2022, it also includes Jan in Q1:



@Waltzingmatilda Strange. As said, without looking at the data it's difficult to diagnose the problem.


@Riny_van_Eekelen Is there any way to share that with you? It has sensitive data in it

@Waltzingmatilda If you could clear out the sensitive data, you could upload it to your post or, in case you don't have that option share it via OneDrive, Dropbox or something similar.

@Waltzingmatilda do you have 'Show items with no data' selected as a field option? 


I'm seeing this for the first time ever today as an issue. We have always had the selected so months would appear in the pivot even if there was no data but now it is showing Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, and December with Qtr1