Pivot Table: Reformatting Columns

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For some reason, Pivot table will not retain the original column's formatting, so you need to do it in the Pivot table anew, which is annoying, but not the main problem.


Here is a description of the problem:

  1. You load a number field (Field1) to the Pivot table, formatted it as needed.
  2. Take Field1 off the table.
  3. Load another number field to the table (Field2), and format it as needed (different from Field1).
  4. Re-load Field1 to the table.
  5. Problem: Field1 lost it's formatting from step #1, and now has the formatting of Field2.

Any help for this annoying issue is appreciated.




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If to work with data model PivotTable it's enough to define once in data model both data type and data format, they will be kept.


Not sure about cached PivotTable.

I'm not working, or familiar with Data Model, so it's not currently valid for me, but I'll try to learn a bit about Data Model and see if I can use it.