Pivot table - problems on certain PC with refresh

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I have a file that contains a Pivot Table. If I use the file on one PC, I can refresh the table without any problem. On a 2nd PC (same Microsoft Office - 365, same Windows) , data is not refreshed and filters are not working (I even tried refreshing it with a VBA code and I get run-time error '1004': Application-defined or object-defined error".

On the PC on which details are not refreshed, on Connection Properties -> Used in -> "Locations where this connection is used in the workbook:" no location appears, while on the one that updates the information appears the Pivot Table (I tried the same file on a 3rd PC as well and it works well, so there must be a problem with my PC, on which Pivot Table refuses to work in any way - also tested the refresh on a sample pivot table file, not only on my initial file).

Can someone give me an idea on what should I check? All Excel settings are the same on both PCs I used initially for testing the file. Can this be a security issue? Where should I look for differences to identify the core of this problem?

Thank you in advance!

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What is the source of the pivot table? A range in the same workbook, or an external source?

It's a range from the same workbook, no external source.
I would try converting the range to a table and then provide the pivot with the table as a source.
The range is a table, not just a simple range. The problem is the same. I don't know at this stage if it' really an excel problem or if maybe it's not something related to Windows permissions / security and so...


It can be difficult to identify the precise cause when you experience problems with a PivotTable not refreshing and acting differently on various PCs with the same Microsoft Office version.

Here's are some methods for how you can troubleshoot it-

  1. Ensure that both PCs have the latest updates for Microsoft Office 365.
  2. Check to make sure the file path is correct and that both PCs can access the data source (the Excel file or external data) used in the pivot table.
  3. Click "Connections" in the "Connections" group by selecting the "Data" tab. Make sure the PivotTable's data connection is set up properly and is accessible on both PCs.
  4. An incompatible or outdated add-in might be causing the issue. Try disabling add-ins one by one and testing the PivotTable.
  5. You can try repairing or reinstalling Microsoft Office on the PC where the PivotTable is not working. In case there is some corruption, it can fix it.

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I tried all the above, including reinstalling Office. I tried doing a similar table and changing the Data source and I notice at this step that, even though I select a different source, this is not changing. If I go to "Data" tab and try to use Get Data or From Table/Range, etc. I get the following error: Power Query wasn't able to start. Restart Excel and try again. You can also send feedback so we can learn more about the issue.