Pivot table - problems on certain PC with refresh

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I have a file that contains a Pivot Table. If I use the file on one PC, I can refresh the table without any problem. On a 2nd PC (same Microsoft Office - 365, same Windows) , data is not refreshed and filters are not working (I even tried refreshing it with a VBA code and I get run-time error '1004': Application-defined or object-defined error".

On the PC on which details are not refreshed, on Connection Properties -> Used in -> "Locations where this connection is used in the workbook:" no location appears, while on the one that updates the information appears the Pivot Table (I tried the same file on a 3rd PC as well and it works well, so there must be a problem with my PC, on which Pivot Table refuses to work in any way - also tested the refresh on a sample pivot table file, not only on my initial file).

Can someone give me an idea on what should I check? All Excel settings are the same on both PCs I used initially for testing the file. Can this be a security issue? Where should I look for differences to identify the core of this problem?

Thank you in advance!

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What is the source of the pivot table? A range in the same workbook, or an external source?

It's a range from the same workbook, no external source.
I would try converting the range to a table and then provide the pivot with the table as a source.
The range is a table, not just a simple range. The problem is the same. I don't know at this stage if it' really an excel problem or if maybe it's not something related to Windows permissions / security and so...
I tried all the above, including reinstalling Office. I tried doing a similar table and changing the Data source and I notice at this step that, even though I select a different source, this is not changing. If I go to "Data" tab and try to use Get Data or From Table/Range, etc. I get the following error: Power Query wasn't able to start. Restart Excel and try again. You can also send feedback so we can learn more about the issue.