Pivot table or relations button on MAC os excel

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Hi. Can’t find the pivot table or relations button on my excel Mac office 365.
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@Dswohl If it is this what you are looking for, that's Windows only. Not available on Excel for Mac.


Screenshot 2021-03-17 at 17.14.44.png

Thanks for response. Pivot table function is also not available for macOS excel?

@Dswohl No, Pivot Tables are part of Excel for the Mac, (see picture), but from the translation of your question it seemed you were asking for "Relationships".

Screenshot 2021-03-17 at 17.46.53.png

Hi. Can’t find pivot table option on my Mac OS excel. Thanks. Refer to relations button your photo was correct. I can’t find this option on my macOS so i will try to use pivot table to do the 2 tables relations but can’t either find pivot table button. Thanks

@Dswohl Please share a screen shot of the Insert tab of your ribbon. It should have the buttons as shown in the earlier comment.