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Pivot table label filter not working in filters area

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Dear all

I do not get the following behavior of pivot table (using Office 365):


When I want to filter a field to not end with some specific text, I have to pull it into Rows or Columns area to be able to use label filter. But this just adds another "level" to my data, which is not needed. 

When I pull the field into the Filters area it just gives me the possibility to manually (multi) select (in this case deselect) the items.

Do I miss any option here, or is it "like it is"?


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In general that how it works. However, in report filter you may use Search bar for more exact filtering. 

For such example


you may use *e in search bar to filter on all words ending by e


result is


Thx for your reply, the search only works for something I want to see, not for items I don't want to see.


For item you don't want to see, back to previous sample ended by e, you use use *e in search bar, uncheck selection and check Add current selection to filter. With that items ended by e will be excluded.