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I am trying to use a master worksheet to automatically transfer/copy data to other sheets within the workbook.  On Sheet 1 (Master), if the text in column (H-assigned to) =(equals) Sam and that is cell H7, then transfer/copy data from that row 7 onto the sheet labeled Sam, if "Sheet 1 (master)" shows in column H- Josh in H8, then transfer/copy the entire row 8 to sheet labeled Josh. 

Any suggestions/help is appreciated.



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I have two ideas for you:


1. I think you could benefit from using custom views.  This will allow you to have only one worksheet and when you select a view it will filter on the specific persons data....


See here for reference: https://www.howtogeek.com/257207/how-to-use-custom-views-in-excel-to-save-your-workbook-settings/


2.  Create a table of data.  Then using data connections to show custom filters.  Here are some instructions and a sample file for reference (see attached):


1. Make your data a table (Ctrl + T)

2. Create the additional worksheets for your different sort views

3. Go to an additional worksheet

4.  Data Tab > Get External Data Group > Existing Connections > Tables tab > select your table.

5. Now filter the table the way you would like it

6. Repeat for additional views

7. Add Data to the original source table

8. Go to Data Tab > Refresh All

9.  Now you can see that all of your tables were refreshed and the sorts you set up stay in place


Here is another thread that is similar for additional reference on this method: