pivot table grouping

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 I want to count how many rows in my book that have values between the below values. How can I do this? 



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@Detlef Lewin 


I managed to get the below result, but some values are in duplicate rows, for example, the value of 31 is in row 2 and 3. How do I have unique values on each row as my above image?






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That concerns only the labels. You can check your source data. If it contains 218 values/rows then the result is valid.


Mike Girvin talked about this bug in a video a long time ago. Maybe you can find it.


@Detlef Lewin 


I have overwritten the text in the groups and the values are correct.


Many thanks 


@Detlef Lewin  I am looking to format Pivot Table grouping.   Sales grouping is in USD.  However when trying to use accounting format (or a currency)  it does not show up.  Any way around this please?


The labels are text. You can't use a number format on text.