Pivot table_Grouping_Duplicated levels

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Hello everyone, 

I'm wondering when grouping data in a pivot chart, is it possible that I can remove the redundant (or duplicated) levels automatically created by grouping when my data has a various number of levels? 

An example is provided in the following screenshot. If A, B forms a team, and A, B and C form another larger team, but D herself forms a team, and I want to group the data to review the team's performance.


Is it possible that I can remove the extra hierarchies under C and D (highlighted in green and yellow)? I also include what I expect on the right of the screenshot. I know I can either hide or collapse the extra rows, but out of my curiosity, I would like to know if there are some other ways that I can completely get rid of those extra lines.


Thanks for your help!
Happy new year :)




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