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I have been using group within pivot tables to create up to 4-5 levels. Up till today, I this has been an easy highlight and right-click group. Today, it will not create more than 1 level. I restarted, no luck, so I had IT repair Office, no luck. Then asked others on their machine attempt to do it and no luck. Has something changed overnight? As I was doing it before I left last night?


Here is my build: 

Microsoft® Excel® for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2304 Build 16.0.16327.20200) 64-bit

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I don't have access to real-time information about recent changes in Excel like you, but I can try to offer some general troubleshooting steps that may help resolve the problem:

  1. Verify data: Make sure the data in your pivot table is properly formatted and organized. Ensure that the data range is correct and doesn't contain any blank rows or columns.
  2. Clear existing grouping: If there is already a grouping applied to the pivot table, try clearing it before attempting to create new groups. Right-click on a grouped field and select "Ungroup" or "Clear Group" to remove any existing grouping.
  3. Check field settings: Check the field settings for the columns you want to group. Right-click on a column header in the pivot table, choose "Field Settings," and ensure that the "Number Format" is set to the appropriate format (e.g., General, Text, Date, etc.).
  4. Adjust grouping options: When you right-click on a cell within a column, you should see the "Group" option in the context menu. Click on "Group" and adjust the grouping options as needed. Ensure that you have selected the appropriate grouping interval (days, months, years, etc.).
  5. Update Excel: Make sure you have the latest updates for Excel installed. Sometimes, new updates can fix known issues and bugs. Check for updates and install any available updates for Microsoft 365.
  6. Reset Excel settings: If the issue persists, you can try resetting Excel settings to their default values. Go to "File" > "Options" > "Advanced" and click on the "Reset" button under the "Reset" section. Keep in mind that this will revert all Excel settings to their defaults, so you may need to customize them again.
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Hope one of the above steps will solve your problem.