Pivot table from Data Model shows entries duplicated for all labels

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Hi all,


When creating a pivot table from the Sata Model, I am having the issue of getting a Pivot Table with repeated labels, that do not belong to the specific headings. (It repeats under each top label the same subcategories aóf all top labels, not the ones that actually belong to each of them).


In my case, it is not possible to create a RELATED column in the data model in one of the tables, because entities are linked by date, and a more complex network of relationships.


Additionally, the links are created between all tables using auxiliary tables with unique entities, therefore, the output should be showing that filter alredy, but does not seem to recognise those relationships.


This is the relationships diagram (probably overcomplicated and with repeated info, because I have been trying all sort of options):



Below, the relationship list:


Relationships List.png

This are the fields I am using to generate the Pivot Table from the Data Model (The yellow message of "relationships are needed" pops in when adding to the pivot table the category that repeats in all labels. However, that relationship is already created!!):


Pivot fields.png


And this is the pivot table I get as a result, where lots of entries appear as blank in a category where they don't even exist (all labels in that column appear repeted inside every single level from the previous category):


Pivot Table.PNG


Anybody has had a similar case, and have found a solution or a way around already?

Help is much appreciated!


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