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Hi, is it possible to lock a filter so when I send a pivot table, the person cannot see the information that is not intended to be seen… example; I have to send an email to 25 team members but I don’t want Person1 to look at Person2 data. I am kind of lost at this point I have already set a code to split worksheets and email them but then I notice that they have access to others” resources, so no benefits in doing it that way(I already disabled the save source data with file and enable show details). Thank you in advance x

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Why not just send an individualized PDF of the pivot table page they are supposed to see?
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If you need to retain the interactive functionality of a pivot table, you can split the data so that each pivot table is from data "belonging" only to the target employee.

Alternatively, there are 3rd-party products that can "burst" excel data to individual web pivot tables/charts exported or SFTP uploaded to separate folders. You can secure the output folders (shared folders, SharePoint Folder, or Web folder) using password security.