Pivot table filter shows duplicates but actual pivot table does not

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I am using a pivot table that counts number of employees according to position and educational background (with positions as columns and education as rows). For some reason, the dropdown filter menu for positions shows duplicate entries while the actual columns show no duplication (image attached). The work is not in English but I have highlighted the issue(s) so it is apparent that what the dropdown menu identifies as duplicates, the actual pivot table does not (as seen by the fact that where one would expect to see two columns since the duplicates are treated like two different items, there is one column, which is correct since it's a duplicate). 


I am aware that since the actual pivot table is correct and the problem lies with the filter, it is just irritating that I need to select two things that are really the same thing. How do I "merge" these two duplicates in the dropdown?


Also, I refreshed the table multiple times and even tried changing the data source and the problem persists.


I hope this makes sense and feel free to alter my subject line or refer me to similar threads.

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