Pivot table drill down not always working

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I have a pivot table that I often double click values to display drill downs. Recently, some of them open up in a new tab but there isn't any data there. If I go to a new tab and then come back to it, it reappears. I can't seem to figure out why. It's the same values that don't work each week. Not a huge deal to go to a new tab and coming back, but would love to not have to deal with it.


Warehouse A gives me problems every week - I double click and this happens







When I move to a new tab and come back, all of the blank columns have the correct information displayed. Other warehouses work totally fine - Warehouse K opens as normal.

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Hi @LP5609240,


as far as I know, there was a display issue in Microsoft 365 that shoud be fixed already.

If you use Microsoft 365, maybe you need to update Excel to the latest build (Menu "File | Account | Office Updates").

Hello.  I have recently started to have the same issue.  Some cells work some dont and when i get the ones that dont i have to click out of the drill down and go back in and the data is there..very weird.  A fix would be nice.  My updates were up to date.

@AckerAckman420 It's still an issue for me. I never found a fix and I'm using the most updated version of everything that I could find :(