Pivot Table double sorting

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Dear community, 

I am looking for a way to sort a pivot table with two criteria.

First level: sort is done on Score column, this is working fine.

Second level: sort should then be done on Sum of T/P column.


In other words, all License/Name/Surname with score 58 should then be sorted by highest Sum of T/P, 100, then 97, 96 and 93.

Any help available on double sorting in pivot table is highly appreciated.




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Please review your text. It`s either "double filtering" or "double sorting".

And please share your file. Remove or change sensitive information.

Title is changed. Simplified file is attached.

Thank you for any help.

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It seems you can only sort by one value field.

As an alternative I used Power Query for filtering and sorting.


OK and thank you.
It looks like it works wit this method. How did you generate this new table with power query?
What is the principle? It works from the database or from the pivot table?
Can you quickly explain how to do it? Thanks
Thank You

@pnriesen You tagged your original post "Excel on Mac". If you are on a Mac and not running Excel for Windows on a virtual machine, you may forget about Power Query. It's not supported by Excel for the Mac.

I am on PC as well. However, working on both I would therefore need a solution which is compatible.