Pivot Table - Data will not refresh

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Just recently my pivot table will not refresh with updated data.  I have tried everything.  

I am using Excel 2019 with the "Add Measure" function to the pivot table to bring text data over.


This file was working fine for months and suddenly wouldn't refresh data.

I have re-created this file multiple times, but same problem.

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My knowledge is very limited in Pivot, am just a beginner too.

But I've seen the problem here in the forum before.


Try it...

In the "Layout & Format" tab there are two settings at the bottom:

1) Automatically adjust column widths when updating

2) Keep cell formatting when updated


Here you have the option of defining the extent to which this pivot table is to be adjusted during the update. Both settings are activated by default.

If these settings are not activated for you, please activate them by ticking the box.


So I think I still have it in memory

... if it is not, please ignore my message.

But if it is correct, please mark this message correctly and like it, so others in the forum will also benefit from it.


Thank you for your time and patience,



I know I don't know anything (Socrates)

That's right, I face the same issue recently