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Hello there,

i'm trying to add columns to a data source for a pivot table.

I cannot do that, don't know why. 

As you can see in the attached picture, the cell range consider (for some reason) till the DU column, but i need to add DV and more columns in the near future.  How can i do that? I already tried to select manually from A2 to DU78 (that would be simple) and the select table range name turns from "table 2" to "DataBase!$A$2:$DV$78" and this reference name is not valid. Why ?

Could you help me out?



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Hi @Andrea_Morelli1712 


it seems to me, that not all the columns belong the the range of your source table "Table2", even if they look the same. 

I prepared an example with a formatted table in columns B:D and added some additional columns outside the table with the same formatting (columns E:G).

When I place the active cell in my table and check menu "Table Design | Resize Table", it shows that just columns B:D belong to the table


You just need to select the other columns and click OK to resize the table. This way, all columns are included in "Table2" and you should have no problem with your Pivot table



Thanks for your kind help, i sorted it out