Pivot Table Column Totals

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Hi All

I want to subtotal several Date columns then go on to add further columns to give in the right hand edge a YTD figure.

Eg: I have x8 columns under Jan to Aug which I want to total across, then add Sept - Dec as individual columns eventually giving a YTD figure in the right end column.


Jan  Feb  Mar  Apr  May  Jun  Jul  Aug  Y-T-Aug   Sep  Oct  Nov  Dec   YTD

1      1        1     1       1      1     1      1           8         1      1       1      1       12

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@Tony_Shingler440 If your data is in columns as shown below, enter into cells I2 and N2 the formulas shown just below them.


(In your spreadsheet, row 3 will be empty, or contain your next row of data.  I got the formulas to appear in mine by entering "=FORMULATEXT(I2)" and "=FORMULATEXT(N2)" into cells I3 and N3, respectively, without the quotes.)



Hi Your formula don't seem to take account that my data is in a Pivot Table and I can't seem to add the subtotal columns I want. Is that correct?


As far as I know, it is not possible to do what you want in a pivot table.

The values of the added column would be included in the Grand Total column at the right, invalidating it.