Pivot table can take a list separated by hours

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Hello Everyone, I already joined to this Forum, in my Job I inherit a VBA macro that create a Pivot table from a big list, this list is separated by date and more important by hour, then many lines the same date even the same hour cause register many events in the same hour, the macro want to create a table by months and use the entire information but appearing is more than can be handle showing a message like this : " You cannot place a field that has more than 8000 items in the column area. If you want to use this field in the report, click OK, and then move the field to either the row area or page area"
I review the main page where the code takes the info and I notice take more columns more that it needs, but way more... a lot more. I tried to change the code to fix that but I could not.
Please help. Let me know if need more details or part of the code .