Pivot Table - Average of average

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I am creating a pivot table with averages, but I am getting the wrong numbers because the pivot table is making the average of an average.

Anyone knows if there's a way to solve this?



I am creating a pivot table with two rows, Group and Email number.

It calculates each average for each Email number, and then for the Group 1 it returns the average of the average, which is 6.87%. 

If I would create the average with the totals of Opens and Clicks, 58/976 , it would be 5,94%.


Email GroupEmail numberSum OpensSum ClicksAvg Clicks/Opens
Group 1 976586.87%
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On which Excel version / platform you are? It could be don with DAX measure if you are on Windows.


Perhaps like this



Avr Clicks/Open:=DIVIDE( SUM( Table1[Clicks] ), SUM( Table1[Opens] ), 0 )
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