Pivot chart field buttons missing

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I am working on the most up to date version of Excel (Microsoft 365) on a Mac. I have a pivot chart and I cannot add the field buttons on the chart.  I want to be able to change the data without having to go back to the original pivot table and changing the filters there.  




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@rowellswales As far as can determine, the show/hide "Field Buttons" option is NOT supported by Excel for Mac. Windows only. Don't know why!

@Riny_van_Eekelen thank you, that’s a pity as it’s useful in managing dashboards.

@rowellswales I'm not a Mac user, but in non-Mac excel365 you can get the same effect of the field buttons using slicers. Unfortunately the slicers work only if the chart is embedded in a sheet.

@rowellswales Yet another subtle reminder from Microsoft that Mac users aren't truly welcome as Office program users.  They'll take your money but do nothing to fix the bugs that separate the half-hearted Mac programs from fully functional Windows apps.  The ironic thing is, many of the bugs in the Mac programs affect functions that users are required to understand to pass the Microsoft Excel Expert certification exam (I'm studying for it now as a job requirement, and the disparity is pretty appalling).  It's almost as if they're begging developers to continue refining cross-OS spreadsheet programs that render Excel obsolete.