Pivot Chart Data Label Formatting Question

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I have a pivot chart. I format the data labels, for example make the text larger or turn it. Every time I refresh the data the data label formatting reverts to the default. I have gone to the Pivot Chart options and made sure the Preserve cell formatting option is checked. How to I get around this and preserve my data label formatting when the data is refreshed? Many thanks. Louis.


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Are you sure that the "Preserve cell formatting on update" in Pivot Table Options is checked?
Did you format the data labels after applying any kind of filters using slicers etc?
It seems to be a kind of bug though and you may need to create the pivot chart from scratch after removing all the slicers and make sure that "Preserve cell formatting on update" is checked first in the underlying Pivot Table and then insert the Pivot Chart and Slicers if any and see if that resolves the issue for you.
I was experiencing the same issue as OP. I deleted the chart to recreate it again from scratch. This seemed to remedy this issue. All formatting is preserved upon data refresh, for now. Must be a bug.