Pinned Spreadsheets in the list disappear

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I have a number of pinned spreadsheets within Excel. When I click Open, within Excel, the pinned spreadsheets are at the top of the list. I do this so I can quickly open them. However over the last few months spreadsheets keep disappearing. The same happens in Word. It would appear that Microsoft must have something that says if I haven't opened the spreadsheet in a while that it should not be on the pinned list. How do I stop Microsoft removing items from my pinned open list with Excel?


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Do you use some kind of "cleaning" utility such as CCleaner? If so, make sure that it doesn't "clean" Microsoft Office/Microsoft 365.

Hi@Hans Vogelaar thanks for the reply but I do not use CCleaner. I have anti virus software but that is it.


Not all the pinned files disappear just ones that I think I haven't used for a while


Weird... Do you use different accounts or just one?

I only use one Microsoft account


I'm afraid I don't have a solution for you. While searching for possible causes, I found that this is a fairly common problem, without a clear pattern...

Thank you. I struggled to find any references to it but I really appreciate your assistance.